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Events for Wednesday October 12, 2022

College Admissions for Homeschooled Applicants, Princeton Learning Cooperative

Wednesday October 12, 2022
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

There are many paths to college... Homeschooling for the first time? Still considering? Perhaps you're worried college will be harder to get into. It's not. The homeschooling to college path is well-paved. We'll help demystify it for you. The Liberated Learners network of centers is hosting a discussion on college admissions for homeschooling families with a panel of professionals who will describe the process. Our panel includes Robin Lancaster, an admissions officer from St. John's College, with campuses in NM and MD, who knows what colleges look for from homeschoolers; Barbara Rapaport, a homeschooling advisor who is knowledgeable on a large variety of colleges; and Alison Snieckus, a leader in the Self-Directed Education movement who is experienced in preparing homeschooling transcripts and college applications.

Bring your questions and concerns! This is an online event. You will access the Zoom session via Eventbrite's event page. T?his event is organized by Princeton Learning Cooperative, a center in the Liberated Learners network. To see the list of centers currently in the network, visit the Liberated Learners website.

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