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Princeton NJ Events

Events for Wednesday March 17, 2021

Princeton Youth Climate Week, Sewing Reusable Masks

Wednesday March 17, 2021
8:00 AM

Visit ptonycw.weebly.com to watch instructional videos on sewing reusable masks. Send in your pictures of masks you've made to win hand sanitizer and vegan soap. More information: ptonycw.weebly.com + Instagram @pycw2021

Emerald Odyssey - PSRC’S Lunchtime St. Patrick's Day Series

Wednesday March 17, 2021
12:00 PM

Twentieth Century Irish Art in the National Gallery of Ireland

This presentation will take a close look at key works of twentieth century Irish art in the National Gallery of Ireland. The Gallery houses a large collection of Irish art and this talk will focus on some of the jewels of that collection. Established in 1854 by an Act of Parliament, the National Gallery of Ireland houses the nation’s collection of Irish and wider European fine art spanning the early Renaissance to the present day, with over 16,300 works of art.

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“Yes! The Suffragists Had Swag!”, Princeton Public Library

Wednesday March 17, 2021
4:00 PM

American women won the vote in 1920 through the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. But just how did they do it? In her program, titled “Yes! The Suffragists Had Swag!”, local author Nancy B. Kennedy shares some of her suffrage keepsakes as she takes you through her book,“Women Win the Vote! 19 for the 19th Amendment.” Children ages 10 and older will gain new insight into the suffrage struggle and get a glimpse into the lives of the suffragettes.

This program will be presented on via Zoom. A link will be sent to registrants on the day of the program. Program limited to 30. For kids ages 10 and older.

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Princeton Youth Climate Week, Blackout Poetry

Wednesday March 17, 2021
6:30 PM

Create poetry for climate change! One submission will receive plant seeds. Join the call to listen/watch and share your creations. Link: HTTPS://PRINCETONK12.ZOOM.US/J/85497434374?PWD=TKL6A1NYWEJWBMTARWLPS2POANM5UT009

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