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Practicing Family Care at Home

While social distancing and changed routines are vital to staying safe in the current climate, you may find that these changes and increased time with your family can lead to increased tension. When spending unlimited amounts of time together it is normal to fall into some unhealthy habits such as arguing, increased screen time, lack of communication, and spending time in separate spaces of the home. Adapted from Arizona State University’s Resilient Parenting for Bereaved Families, this tip sheet and accompanying webinar focus on how you can take small steps to use this time to be intentionally with your family in a positive way.


1. Show Appreciation To Your Child

Acknowledge when they do something good – nothing is too small! Simply say, “I like that you ________, thank you!” Do this as often as you can. Showing appreciation to your child in this way makes your child feel good about themselves and encourages more positive behavior. 


2. Spend One-on-One Time With Your Child

One-on-one time is creating structed time one-on-one with each of your children. This will build your relationship and increase their self-esteem. To structure this time together, follow these simple guidelines: • Schedule 10 to 15 minutes of time just for you and your child • Do their favorite activity together – no matter how silly you may feel • Give them your undivided attention • Follow their lead, let them guide you in how to play


3. Be Intentional

Your family’s time together most likely has looked different during this time. Setting aside special Family Time for your whole family to spend together regularly is another way to increase positive interactions in your family. This time is most successful when children choose an activity you will all enjoy. Encourage everyone to put aside technology and be in the present moment together.


4. Get Creative

It may be challenging to come up with fun family activities due to social distancing. Invite your kids to brainstorm with you and try something new. Build a fort, camp in your backyard, make-up your own game... the options are limitless!


5. Be Enthusiastic

The more you are engaged and excited while spending time with your children, the more they will look forward to spending time with you.


6. Your Family Is Resilient

It is normal for times of stress to lead to more tension and anxiety. Remember that you and your family are resilient. Your relationship to your children and the support they receive at home provides security. For tips on your own self-care, please check out our Self-Kindness Tip Sheet.

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