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Five Tips for a Green Halloween

Halloween is always a fun holiday to prepare for and celebrate! However, between decorations, costumes and parties, Halloween can easily become both an expensive and wasteful event. Here are some tips on how to enjoy Halloween while saving some money and being more eco-friendly.

  1. Instead of buying a new costume, re-use an old costume or create one from items you already have handy. Check out your local thrift store if you are missing some items to make your costume complete
  2. Look to your home and nature to create Halloween decorations. Use natural items, such as locally grown pumpkins and other gourds, to decorate your home. Items such as old stockings can be used as spider webs, white sheets as ghosts and old cardboard boxes repurposed into tombstones. Re-use everyday items creatively.
  3. If trick or treating, use a re-usable bag, pillowcase or basket already in your home instead of buying new or using single-use plastic.
  4. Be more conscious about your candy selections. Where possible, buy your candy in bulk and choose items with recyclable wrappers. You can also split the cost of a TerraCycle Candy and Snack Wrapper Zero Waste Box with family members and friends to recycle your Halloween candy wrappers. For more information on the zero waste box please use this link: TerraCycle Candy and Snack Wrappers Zero Waste Box
  5. Throw a more sustainable Halloween Party. Send out electronic invitations instead of paper invitations. Use glassware and washable plates and utensils. Serve food purchased from the local farmers market. Be sure to have a recycling bin handy for any glass bottles or cans.

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