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Two NJ ZOOS are OPEN and Ready for You and Your Bored Kids

Feeling like you want to burn the snowpants and trash the sleds?  Pile in the car and head to the ZOO.  Pack snacks and download fun family podcasts for the car ride.  Look out the window and keep breathing - COVID is on the way out - finally!  Remember - book in advance.

Turtle Back Zoo -  Housing nearly 700 animals, Turtle Back Zoo is located in West Orange, New Jersey. The zoo is actually a part of the Essex County Park System, which is considered as the oldest county park in the US. The zoo originally features animals that are indigenous to New Jersey. Today, however, it features animals from different continents except Antarctica.

Bergen County Zoo - The Bergen County Zoo is open. They are in the off-season and admission is FREE! The zoo is open 7 days a week 10:00am - 4:30pm. Nestled in the lively town of Paramus, the Bergen County Zoo is a green oasis in a busy world. The park has a playground, pavilions, dog park, sports and open fields, a pond, lots of history, and of course the Bergen County Zoo.