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Tejal V. Patel Releases Meditation For Kids, a Transformative Guided Meditation Book for Families

New Jersey / February 20th, 2020 - On shelves and available online April 14th 2020, Author, mindfulness and meditation expert, and Ayurveda advocate for parents and kids, Tejal V. Patel's Meditation for Kids is the go-to book that will effectively teach kids (and parents) how they can manage big emotions, ease anxiety, and stay focused with daily meditation and mindful breathing resets.

As a former lawyer and busy mother, Tejal V. Patel is familiar with deadlines, stress, and the desire to be a fully present mom. Now she's operating a 100% virtual business from home, and helping mothers across the world infuse their lives with peace and presence through her Mindful "Mod-Zen" Mama Tribe, online courses, and now with the release of her Meditation for Kids book.

Meditation for Kids was written by Patel as a resource for parents ready to raise the first generation of mindful children, a generation that learns meditation at a young age and know how to confidently handle difficult emotions like anger, disappointment, distraction, jealousy, and low self-esteem. Paired with Patel's online mindfulness courses and her work as a "Mindful Mama Coach," Meditation for Kids connects families with their feelings.

Patel explains the importance of meditation for children, "Just like we brush our teeth and take a bath to keep our body clean, meditation brushes our brain to keep our mind clean from feelings and thoughts that make us feel yucky inside. By finding a quiet, safe place to take a peaceful pause you can rest your mind, reset your mood and turn on your superpowers anytime you want."

The launch of Meditation for Kids will be celebrated bi-coastally in Hoboken, New Jersey on May 9th, and in Fullerton, California on May 16th. Both events will include powerful group meditation, Q&A sessions moderated by special guests, book signing and networking.  

For more information and updates on Meditation for Kids, please visit, or contact Jen Singleton at