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Princeton Public Library Presents Program on Teaching Children Empathy Jan 26

Lynne Azarchi and Kathleen Megahan of the Kidsbridge Tolerance Center in Ewing explain the importance of teaching children to be empathetic in a virtual presentation on Wednesday, Jan. 26. “What the World Needs Now – More Empathy: Coaching Children to be Kind, Respectful and Successful” will be presented at 7 p.m. via Zoom.


In an era where experts say bullying and cyberbullying are on the rise and interpersonal skills are declining, Azarchi, executive director of Kidsbridge, and Megahan, who is education director, highlight strategies and tactics to promote and instill empathy, kindness and compassion in your children, family or students. 

These strategies are informed by Kidsbridge Tolerance Center programs and Azarchi's book, "The Empathy Advantage: Coaching Children to Be Kind, Respectful and Successful,"  which explains why empathy is critically important and how it can be taught in easy and fun ways. 


Registration is required for this program through the events calendar at princetonlibrary.org. The Zoom link will be emailed to registrants on the day of the program.


Kidsbridge Tolerance Center in Ewing is dedicated to teaching bullying prevention, anti-bias, diversity appreciation, empathy and empowerment strategies for youth. Kidsbridge has educated more than 30,000 children since 1996.