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Equine-Assisted Activities at Mercer County Stables

Equine-assisted activities are any specific center activity, e.g. adaptive (therapeutic) riding, mounted or ground activities, grooming and horsemanship, etc., in which the center’s clients, participants, volunteers, instructors and equines are involved. Equine-assisted therapy is treatment that incorporates equine activities and/or the equine environment. Rehabilitative goals are related to the patient’s needs and the medical professional’s standards of practice

Adaptive Riding - Mercer County Stables is a member of and follows the teaching methods and standards of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Intl. (PATH). Instructors are PATH certified and trained to teach riding lessons to individuals with learning and/or physical disabilities. Aside from learning riding skills, through the use of a horse and equine-oriented activities, participants work toward cognitive, physical, emotional, social and behavioral goals.

Cost: $40 per ½ hour lesson

Duration: Up to 30 minutes per weekly lesson

Age Recommendation: 4 years old and up

Please note: certain precautions and contraindications may affect participation

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (EAGL) – is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for education, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities. This program operates to improve the lives of youth by improving their ability to grasp opportunities for advancement in education, character development, and social responsibility through a horse.

Cost: $40 per ½ hour session* additional fees if mental health professional is required

Duration: Up to 50 minutes per weekly lesson

Age Recommendation: May be determined by mental health professional

Power Tools for Living - is a 5-session EAGALA model program designed to strengthen emotional resilience skills and healthy behaviors. It has been used with significant success in increasing social and emotional skills, goal-setting, conflict resolution, ability to control and self-regulate, school attendance and grades, and in decreasing bullying and behavioral problems in the classroom. Power Tools for Living program addresses six identified and common constructs which leads to improved emotional and behavioral health.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) - is an experiential mental health session with a client, licensed therapist, and horse(s) to address client’s mental health goals. The horse acts like a large biofeedback machine, providing a plethora of information to the client and therapist.

For more information, pricing or to discuss EAAT program availability, call Mercer County Stables Director Christine Cardinal at (609) 730-9059 x 3 or email

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