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Artworks Art Making Day March 23 & 30

Now in its 7th year, Art Making Day is a FREE two-day event that promotes the ability to educate and connect the entire community through various forms of creative expression. Parents, grandparents, teenagers and children...there is not a soul too old nor too young. Bring your family and make art to hang at the upcoming Art All Night, or just participate in fun art activities! All ages and skill levels welcome! Materials provided!

On March 23, 12-4pm, Artworks invites you to our 40-foot-high sky lit facility to kick off the first day of artistic fun with interactive murals, upcycled projects, and a whole lot more! Be sure to return to Trenton for day two, Saturday, March 30 where we are excited to be partnering once more with the New Jersey State Museum and the Trenton Free Public Library, as well as welcoming the newest site to Art Making Day - The Boys & Girls Club Centre St. Clubhouse. Along with this new site, Artworks will also be hosting a variety of free art activities which celebrate imagination and encourage creative exploration. Check back soon to see a list of activities available on both days.

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