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Princeton NJ Family Feature Announcements

Annual Corn Maze at Howell Farm Sept 19 - Nov 1

Howell Farm is open for free outdoor programs and tours, but all guests are required to stop at the Visitor Center to register and receive program and safety information. Visitors are encouraged to pre-register through the Mercer County CommunityPass portal to minimize wait time and guarantee entry to programs with limited admission. All Mercer County Park Commission rules and regulations are in effect, as well as New Jersey state requirements regarding the use of masks when social distancing isn't possible. Please also note that dogs (other than assistance dogs) are not permitted at Howell Farm, and that picnicking is not allowed at this time.

4-acre maze with 2 miles of paths, Victory Bridge, Maze Master Tower, and music throughout! Maze games with hidden clues, time clocks, and group flags Courtyard with pumpkins, food tent, private hayrides and more.

Ages 10 & up: $10, Ages 5-9: $8 (ages 4 and under, free) Group Rates for 20 or more, pre-paid (call for details)