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Events for Monday March 22, 2021

Remote STEM Workshop - Ballistics - DIY Catapults, scienceSeeds


Monday March 22, 2021
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Ages: 8+

Description: An object that is thrown, or otherwise launched through the air is called a projectile. The study of how projectiles move through the air is called projectile motion. Join us for this 1.5 hour online workshop where you will learn about projectile motion while building your very own DIY Catapult. This catapult allows you to position the throwing arm at different angles. Discover how the arc of trajectory is affected when you vary the throwing angle. Discover the joy and satisfaction that comes from assembling and personalizing your catapult kit. Watch as you convert potential energy into kinetic energy and launch small projectiles across the room. Plot the trajectory of the projectile and see if adding rubber bands or changing their size affects the outcome.

This kit is a wonderful way to experiment with ballistics and simple physics.

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