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Events for Sunday November 12, 2017

Food and Mood - A Discussion About Diet/ADHD, CHADD of Princeton-Mercer County

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Sunday November 12, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Parents of children with ADHD are likely to observe poor focus, mental fatigue, mood swings, and sleep issues. For Adults in relationships with ADHD loved ones, the same symptoms exist. Our Speaker, Dorothy Mullen will be sharing the foundational message of the Suppers Program: The brain is typically the first organ to respond to poor nutrition. Therefore, how a person feels, thinks, and attends is data which can be used to sort out which foods the child or adult needs for focus and for life. Join Dorothy Mullen and learn about nutritional harm reduction and how to get the family on board for eating foods that improve mood, behavior, and attention.

Dorothy Mullen is the Founder of The Suppers Programs, a non-profit organization operating in central New Jersey since 2005. She has a Master's degree in counseling from The College of New Jersey, where her focus was on addictions and recovery. Dorothy is committed to finding solutions to some of the most serious and costly health problems facing Americans: health challenges related to diet and lifestyle. Her interest is in blood sugar and how it relates to mood chemistry and addictive behaviors. Dorothy is also dedicated to garden-based education. She was the garden artist in residency at Riverside School for 13 years and continues to teach gardening workshops in her home garden. She is committed to spreading the message of diet and lifestyle changes that can delay, prevent, or reverse health and mental health problems that are biochemically related to blood sugar regulation and poor mood chemistry. These include diabetes, obesity, problems with alcohol, depression, anxiety, attention, and some learning issues.

Location:  All Saints' Church 16 All Saints Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

Sponsor:  CHADD of Princeton-Mercer County

Contact: 609-731-7556  Registration Appreciated 


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