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Events for Friday March 15, 2019

Entrepreneur Networking Event in a Himalayan Salt Room, 4 Elements Wellness

Friday March 15, 2019
7:00 PM

Are you an Entrepreneur living on the East Coast? Well, join us for an evening of networking with other Entrepreneurs in our Himalayan Salt Room. Meet like-minded individuals to raise awareness of your idea and/or business. You may use this evening to brainstorm, share tips and advice, or soak up the knowledge of others. 2019 is a new year for all entrepreneurs, and creating connections will ensure we keep our eyes and ears open for each other. You could even build referral relationships out of this evening or just enjoy the session and have fun! In hopes that you can all share how you've overcome hurdles and achieved success, this will be a great night for all who attend. Himalayan Salt is one of the world's only natural air purifiers and ionizers. It is highly beneficial for providing feelings of balance and grounding. In addition to the Himalayan Salt is a Halotherapy generator which disperses salt into the air and when you breathe it into your lungs, it eliminates any bacteria that you may have from allergies, to asthma, to cold & flu. Regular sessions can also help reduce the severity of seasonal allergies and asthma! Get your relief now! Please call us to secure your spot 609-285-3115

4 Elements Wellness

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