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Gold Medal Impressions, Inc. Sports Photography

Gold Medal Impressions, Inc. Sports Photography


Over the past two decades, Druckman has created an extensive library of stock sports images with an emphasis on Olympic sports action photos. He has one of the largest private collections of olympic images in the world. Also included in his library are numerous other sports images from Major League Baseball, Professional Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Tennis. Some of his most popular shots are included in a series entitled-recent historical moments in sports- and include Michael Jordan's final game in Chicago , Mark McGwire's 70th home run, Wayne Gretsky's final face-off in New York, and Pedro Martinez's record all-star performance in 1999. Recent additions to the website include Michael Jordan returns, Cal Ripkin's Final Game, Barry Bond's 73rd Home Run, and numerous collegiate highlights. Also added are galleries for LeBron James, Professional Basketball 2003, and Super Bowl xxxvii.


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