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Locomotion Fitness Studio Now Offering Youth Fit Mentorship Program for Adolescents

Locomtion NJ - a recently opened fitness studio at 205R Witherspoon Street in Princeton is offering an important program for local adolescents.

Mission: Locomotion strives to empower our adolescents to move mindfully, give mindfully and live mindfully. We aim to support families with the growing stresses that children face today. We are a proactive outlet for kids to be welcomed in a safe, open and caring environment. Locomotion will help provide the foundation our youth need to lead healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lives.

About: Locomotion promises to do its part in aiding our adolescent community by providing a Youth Fit Mentorship Program. The focus will be on three main areas of a child's life; self care, community, and selflessness. First, the kids will be introduced to self care through playful movement modalities through our Locomotion Youth Fit Group Classes. Additionally, Locomotion will organize quarterly activities aimed to grow our adolescent's experience by getting them to explore themselves and push them beyond their comfort zone. Whether it be a team building activity, an afternoon of community service, or partnering with an organization to share our service of humanitarian work, we hope to increase the awareness needed to balance the social and behavioral skills needed to live a healthy life in today's world.

Locomotion Youth Fit: Our youth program is directed at getting adolescents introduced to self care in a group setting. Lead by intelligent coaches, these classes will broaden the fitness spectrum to our youth allowing them to get their feet wet with alternative modes of well being. Locomotion Youth Fit will greet each adolescent with non-judgement as our goal is to provide a safe and open space for kids to learn, explore and grow within themselves through the adversity and challenges of movement. Classes meet weekly on Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 pm-4:30 pm.

Locomotion Individual Mentorship: Our Individual Mentorship packages provide kids with one-on-one Mindful Movement sessions. Clients will be guided through a one hour session which consists of personalized designed exercises blended with mindfulness practices to increase their awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

Inquire about pricing by reaching out to us directly! 609-516-8351