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Last Bite Mosquito & Tick Control

Last Bite Mosquito & Tick Control


Last Bite is New Jersey’s #1 and most trusted mosquito and tick control company. We are a local, independent family-owned and operated business. Our services significantly reduce the mosquito and tick populations in customers’ yards by treating the areas where the pesky insects live and breed. With a full staff of trained, insured and licensed technicians armed with FDA-approved barrier sprays, Last Bite Mosquito and Tick Control treats around the perimeter of the home and yard, as well as on any shrubbery, foliage, and damp and shady areas where mosquitoes live. We are customer obsessed and committed to providing the best quality service to all of our customers, both small and large. We offer seasonal packages and one-time services. Please visit our website or give us a call at 866-742-4887. What do you have to lose … except mosquitoes?

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