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Food and Household Items Your Dog Must Avoid

When it comes to pampering our pet dogs, we just want to simply give them almost everything they want and feed them the tasty foods that we also enjoy. Unfortunately, certain food and household items are pretty risky when take in by your pet and can become perilous to his health.

You need to always be on the lookout for your dog since they hunt and eat or take in just about anything that seems pleasing to their senses and palates. Let us identify some of these items that dogs can be vulnerable to.


Try eating chocolate with your dog staring at you, waiting for you to feed him a bite and if he can no longer bear salivating, he would lunge at you for his share. For humans, chocolate is beneficial because of its high level of antioxidants. However, for our pet dogs it is dangerous. It is because of the chemical content in chocolate called methylxanthine alkaloids that triggers dogs to react differently to the food.

Mushrooms and Spices

Two other food items that your pet should not eat are mushroom and spices particularly garlic and onion. Although not all, but some mushrooms like the wild mushrooms that grow just about anywhere are cause for abdominal pain, anemia as well as complication in the liver and kidney. Garlic, when eaten by your pet especially a pup, will trigger vomiting, diarrhea, damage in the liver, and anemia. Onion causes similar health complications as with garlic so beware not to let your dog take in food with this.


Just like chocolate, coffee is also a good source of antioxidant for humans but never for dogs. As to how hazardous it is for dogs, getting a taste of coffee will possibly lead to increased heart rate, loose bowel, or worse, even seizures, coma, and death of your pet.

Moth Balls

Watch out on moth balls you might have left unnoticed on your floor. This item is extremely poisonous to dogs because of the presence of the chemical naphthalene which may cause seizures and tremors.

Dog Food with Dye and Chemical Content

When buying dog food, be careful of those with dye and some chemical content as these are possible cancer triggers based on a lab test conducted on rats in minimal doses. Apart from dye, other content in dog food you should be extra cautious on are large amount of sodium, dairy, and chemical preservatives.

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