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The Subject Is Roses

(NAPSI)-It's never been easier to make everything come up roses in your own backyard. Often, all it takes to make a rose garden is a little planning, a little time and a little maintenance.

Bayer Advanced™ Garden Expert Lance Walheim, author of "Roses for Dummies," who has a beautiful rose garden at his home, says plant your new roses at the beginning of the season. Planting early is important since roses need to have their roots well-established for fuller blooms. Be prepared to water and watch them carefully.

There are three elements that all roses need to thrive. Make sure when choosing your location that:

1. The roses receive at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

2. The soil drains well.

3. It has good air circulation.

Once you have chosen the right location for your garden, do some research to find the best roses for you. Not all roses grow well everywhere. Some varieties are more susceptible to insects or disease.

"With the vast varieties of roses available, you can choose any theme to add a personal touch to your rose garden," says Walheim. "You can use all roses of one color or color-coordinate them with your favorite sports team or only use roses that are named after celebrities. The possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination."

The key is caring for your roses so they are around for a long time. Bayer Advanced All-In-One Rose & Flower Care can help in three important ways. It protects roses from destructive insects and diseases, and feeds the flowers as well--all without messy spraying. Just mix with water and pour around the base of the plant. Your roses are protected for up to six weeks. Always read and follow label instructions.

You can learn more by visiting or by calling (877) BAYERAG.

If you've been promising yourself a rose garden, you may be glad to know creating one can be easier than you imagined.

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