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Facebook Members of the community gathered together for the common and joyful enterprise of making music, to sing through for their own pleasure the great works in choral literature, with chorus, orchestra, and soloists as the works require. The meetings are informal readings in which any musically interested person may join the chorus. There are no separate rehearsals, except a one hour chorus rehearsal for the Gilbert and Sullivan, and no auditions. Conductors usually do some preparation with the chorus before the sing-through. This varies from minimal snippets for well-known pieces to a complete review for unfamiliar works.


2016-2017 Season

Princeton Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 50 Cherry Hill Rd., Princeton, NJ

Sunday afternoons at 4:00pm

9 October 2016
Brahms, Requiem (Kalmus edition) YouTube
Conductor: Marjorie Herman, Bio
Soloists: Soprano - Jillian Corn, Bio
Baritone - Grant Mech, Bio
6 November 2016
Bach, B Minor Mass (Schirmer edition)
Conductor: Chiu-Tze Lin, Bio
Soloists: Danielle Sinclair - soprano, Bio
Lisa Andreacchi - mezzo-soprano, Bio
Alex Minter - tenor, Bio
Grant Mech - bass, Bio
4 December 2016
Handel, Messiah (Novello edition)
Conductor: David Fitzpatrick, Bio
Soloists: Jacqueline Dunleavy - soprano, Bio
Kathryn Whitaker - alto, Bio
Jack Zamboni - tenor, Bio
Brandon Gaines - bass, Bio
Performance link: John Elliot Gardner recording of Messiah
Background info:
Messiah program notes by Martin Pearlman
Additional program notes
8 January 2017
Gilbert & Sullivan, HMS Pinafore (Schirmer edition)
Resources & Program Notes
Conductor: Lee Milhous
Cast for HMS Pinafore
12 February 2017
Conductor: Lyn Ransom, Bio
Mozart, Mass in c-minor (Peters edition)
Soloists: Rochelle Ellis - soprano, Bio
Eva Kastner-Puschl - alto, Bio
Frank Hampton - tenor, Bio
Timothy Urban - bass, Bio
Randall Thompson, Frostiana (E.C. Schirmer edition)
Performance link:
Exultate Chamber Choir and Orchestra video of Frostiana
12 March 2017
Conductor: Martin Sedek, Bio
Vivaldi, Gloria (Serenissima edition) and
Fauré, Requiem
(Kalmus edition)
Soloists: Eileen Cooper Sedek - soprano, Bio
Nicole Jodoin - soprano, Bio
Sage Lutton - mezzo, Bio
Paul Speiser - baritone, Bio
Performance links:
Vivaldi (Martin Sedek with Choral Art Society of NJ)
Fauré (Robert Shaw with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus)
9 April 2017
Schubert, Mass in G-major (Kalmus edition) and
Rutter, Requiem (Hinshaw edition)
Conductor: Ed McCall, Bio
Soloists: Caitlin Stein - soprano, Bio
Kevin Schneider - tenor, Bio
Kenny Litvack - baritone, Bio
Performance links:
Schubert Mass - Kyrie
(Robert Shaw with Atlanta Symphony Chorus and Orchestra)
Rutter Requiem (Timothy Brown with Choir of Clare College)

The above listing shows the seven programs planned for the 2016-2017 season (82nd year) of the Princeton Society of Musical Amateurs. These sessions are not in any sense performances; they are informal readings in which everyone present may participate. An orchestra is assembled and soloists arranged for as each work requires. The sessions are always conducted by professional conductors.

Please consider joining for the year, either as a regular member or a patron member. A year's membership offers benefits that are not available to those who participate on a single-session basis. In addition to the cost savings, members receive notices of each meeting, and they may also borrow vocal scores during the week preceding any session. Membership dues also help the organization to cover continuing operating expenses such as rental charges for the use of the building, purchase and rental of music, and refreshments.

Dues are $45 for one person, or $65 for a couple. (The amount of patron's dues, $80 and $100, over the regular dues is tax deductible, as are all contributions to PSMA.) The society also welcomes contributions to the J. Merrill Knapp Memorial Endowment Fund. Please see donating to PSMA. Instrumentalists and soloists are welcome to join, but they will play in the orchestra or appear as soloists by invitation only, according to the requirements of the work.

Prospective members and participating guests are welcome at single sessions for an admission charge of $10.00 per session. There is no charge for students or for guests who come only to listen, but a donation is requested if they take refreshments.

For a list of other musical organizations in the area that welcome amateur members to participate, see our list of related groups.

Musical Amateurs is run by a Board of Trustees and Management Committees. Further questions about the Society may be addressed to Marilee Thompson, President at (609) 466-4479 or email to

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