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Comment on : Donate Your Old Bike(s) to the Trenton Boys & Girls Club Bike Exchange

Donate Your Old Bike(s) to the Trenton Boys & Girls Club Bike Exchange

The missions of this all volunteer effort are 1) to help low income families get bikes and 2) to raise money for the after school programs of the Trenton Boys & Girls Club.  More information about the Bike Exchange is at

Since opening for the 2010 biking season on March 20,  the Bike Exchange has sold 1237 bikes, raising a net of $45,260 for the after school programs of the Boys & Girls Club in the process.  These numbers for the first three months of the 2010 biking season are significantly higher than 2009 for the entire year. 
The Boys & Girls Club is very pleased with this significant increase in demand.  However, this increase in demand means the Exchange needs bikes.
The Bike Exchange is asking individuals in the area to consider running a bike drive at their place of work, school, place of worship and/or scout troop.  Contact the Bike Exchange at if you are considering organizing a bike drive for the Bike Exchange
Running a bike drive is easy....just set a day and place (usually a parking lot), and publicizing the bike drive in the media used by your organization to communicate to its members.  The Bike Exchange will provide receipts for tax purposes, will provide samples for the promotion effort,  and will transport the bikes to the Exchange's shop in the Capitol Plaza Shopping Center on the Trenton/Ewing border.
The Bike Exchange is also asking individuals who have a bike in their garages that is no longer being used to consider donating it to the Bike Exchange.  People donating bikes receive the satisfaction of know their old bike has a useful life in a good home....and will also receive a tax deduction and more space in their garage.  A list of a dozen bike drop points in the area is on the Exchange's web site..
The Exchange is having a great year getting a lot of bikes into the community and raising money for the Trenton Boys & Girls Club. Special thanks to all who have donated bikes and to the dozens of individuals who are volunteering at the Bike Exchange.