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Comment on : Sock Hop for Little Einsteins on March 10th at YWCA Princeton

Sock Hop for Little Einsteins on March 10th at YWCA Princeton

The YWCA Princeton is hosting a “No Sock” Sock Hop on Saturday, March 10th, 4:00-6:00 pm as part of Princeton’s Geek Freak Weekend.  Everyone in the family will love boogying to funky dances like “She Blinded Me with Science,” “E=MC2”, “Electric Slide Ruler Dance,” and “Speed of Sound”. Admission is $3.14 in honor of pi at the door.

There will also be a number of special contests with prizes including the “Under the Sock” Limbo Dance, and one sure to be a hit with the children, “Einstein’s Crazy Whip my Hair” dance contest!

As to why the event will be a “no sock” sock hop?  It is said that Einstein hated socks. He claimed he couldn’t think while wearing them.

“We are asking everyone to bring a lonely or mismatched sock from their sock drawer to hang on our pi clothesline,” said Diane Hasili, YWCA Princeton’s CMO. “We are creating an event that is fun and educational. For each sock we hang, we will cross off a digit of pi. Not everyone realizes that pi is an infinite number that never repeats. We are challenging the community to see how many digits of pi we can cross off.” 

What started off as a tribute to Einstein has expanded to a four-day celebration of the genius in all of us. “When the Princeton Tour Company approached us, we were on board immediately,” said Hasili. 

Hasili said, “Most people don’t realize that Einstein was a great civil rights activist. Sensitized to racism after years of threats and harassment by the Nazis in his native Germany, he embraced the African American community in Princeton.”  He became good friends with the great African American famous singer, recording artist, and actor, Paul Robeson, a native of Princeton’s Witherspoon section. Together Einstein and Robeson worked toward eliminating racism. This is a fitting event as the YWCA Princeton is located on Paul Robeson Place just blocks from Robeson’s childhood home and a stone’s throw from Einstein’s home on Mercer Street.

For more information on the sock hop, please visit or call (609) 497-2100 ext. 307. Or, visit for all the Geek Freak Weekend events.



YWCA Princeton

Established in 1922, the YWCA Princeton is a local not-for-profit organization with thousands of women, men, children and families as members. It serves Mercer County and central NJ through educational and recreational classes, social services, advocacy, and leadership development. Programs include summer camps, aquatics, arts and crafts, breast cancer resources, community events, dance, early childhood education, English as a second language, gymnastics, martial arts, American Red Cross and lifeguard certification classes, Newcomers Club for those new to the area, and its Women’s Group. The YWCA is the oldest and largest multicultural women's organization in the world with 300 U.S. affiliates and locations in 106 countries. It is a safe community building strong women leaders, empowering women, and eliminating racism. For more information, call (609) 497-2100 or visit