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Comment on : December scienceSeeds Workshops & Events

December scienceSeeds Workshops & Events

Winter classes are now open for registration - additional details will follow shortly..

We still have some spaces left in our holiday workshops and mini-camps (details below). Mini-Camps are scheduled for December 16-19th from 9:00-3:00pm with the possibility of extended hours. 
Give yourself that extra time for holiday shopping  while your children spend an afternoon/evening discovering the wonders of science with scienceSeeds!! Want to mix-it up with some art as well? Sign up for an a package of art and science with one of our special Holiday Reprieve Packages.

Our workshops are geared towards children in K-5th grade and all programs listed below will be held at the West Windsor Arts Center at 952 Alexander Road.

We hope to see you all soon,

Your friends at scienceSeeds

December Workshops
All workshops involve hands-on projects and unless otherwise noted, a take-home project.

December 14
Fun Electric Bugs (6:00-8:00pm) - Learn some basic facts about circuits and make a small bug that moves.
December 16 More Music and Science (6:00-8:00pm)- Ever thought you could make some musical instruments? Here is your chance. Discover facts about sound and see what you can make.
December 17 Fun with Structures (2:00-4:00pm) - Why do buildings stand? What makes certain materials stronger than others. Put your imagination to test as you try a variety of building materials - from spaghetti to marshmallows, paper to straw -  come see what you can build.
December 17 Building with LEGOs (4:30-6:30pm) - There is no take home project in this workshop. We will be using a variety of Lego kits to discover how simple machines work. Build cars, bugs, scales and many others. Use one of our designs or invent your own.
December 20 Art Makes Science 2 (4:00-6:00pm) - Join us for an afternoon of creativity and science as you explore how chemistry and physics come together to make art.

December Mini-Camps
Back by popular demand, our one day workshops. We will be holding three full days of camp, each with a different topic. Camps are geared to children in K-5th grade.
Camps run from 9:00am-3:00pm with the possibility of extended hours.

December 19 Magnets and Motors
wonder how a motor actually works? What makes it turn, what is it made of? Learn all about the power of magnetism as we explore the ways in which magnets play a part in our lives.
This mini-camp is a real attraction!

December 20 LEGO Contraptions
Join us for a fun-filled day of building as we take LEGOs to a whole new level as you learn about gears, levers and other simple machines. Throw in a motor, possibly a computer and some programming and the possibilities are endless!
In this camp there are no take-home projects.

December 21 Electricity and Structures
Come along for an electrifying ride as we explore how electricity travels from a power plant to your home. We will find out just where electricity comes from and how a small wall-socket can come to have so much power!
Learn about how buildings stand as you build a small house that you then light up.

Holiday Reprieve Packages 
Looking for a bit of extra time for your holiday shopping. We are happy to announce a collaboration with the West Windsor Arts Center - 3 evenings of Art and science. Each package include  two workshops and dinner.
Additional details are available at West Windsor Holiday Workshops

December 13 Holiday Reprieve #5 (4:00-8:30pm)
December 14
Holiday Reprieve #6 (4:00-8:00pm)
December 16 Holiday Reprieve #7 (4:00-8:00pm)

Additional Information
For additional information please email us at
All winter programs will be held at:                
                 West Windsor Arts Center
                 952 Alexander Road
                 Princeton Junction, NJ

Space is Limited so Register Today!!!