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September 2017 Workshops and Classes at Artworks Trenton

Workshops and Classes for September 2017
School's officially back in session for kids, but classes at Artworks run year-round! Here's a look at what we're offering this September.

La Vida Mia (My Life) Photography Workshop (Sept. 2-16)

"La Vida Mia" is a three course workshop where we will learn what photography is and how we can use photography to tell our story to the world. The course will be led by Tamara Torres, a Trenton-based artist who has exhibited her work internationally, who's been working with a camera since the age of 12.
La Vida Mia is going to be taught in both English and Spanish, and carries a $5 materials fee; online registration is mandatory, and the course is limited to 10 students. It kicks off on Saturday, September 2nd, so make sure you sign up today!
Ink & Drink: Zine Making (Sept. 15)
For September's Ink & Drink, explore the ins and outs of making zines, one-sheets books and simple book binding structures in two hours! There is a $15 material fee with this course. 
Introduction to Shibori (Sept. 9)

This workshop is an introduction to Shibori for adults. Shibori is a series of Japanese resist dye techniques which create unique patterns on fabric by folding, binding, and sewing. Participants will create an array of designs dyed in beautiful indigo.

Register for Introduction to Shibori today!

Watercolor Anarchy (Sept. 16 + 30)
Watercolor Anarchy is a great opportunity for those looking to refine their craft and knowledge of watercolor techniques. Set up a still life, use your photos for inspiration - or - experiment with artistic ideas from your inner being.  
Work with basic watercolors, textured papers, collage, monoprints or layering and enjoy the flow of watercolor in a supportive and creative group setting. There is a $25 material fee. 
Register for Sept. 16 | Register for Sept. 30

Rise Above - Art of the Counterculture (Sept. 12 - Oct. 14)


Our next exhibit, Rise Above: Art of the Counterculture, shines a spotlight on punk's current impact on art. This show will feature dozens of counterculture artists who aspire to swim upstream & rise above the common expectations of art with divergent ways of thinking and a strong DIY ethic. These are the artists of the underground.
Curated by TPRFM founder Joseph Francis Kuzemka, Artworks' Exhibits Coordinator, Addison Vincent and key members of the TPRFM team, this group show will feature over 50 ground-breaking artists from around the tri-state area and will encompass a variety of styles from assemblage to street art.

Mark your calendars!

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