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Events for Sunday April 23, 2017

What We Need to Know About Our Changing Climate, Friends of Princeton Open Space

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Sunday April 23, 2017
3:00 PM

Do you have questions about the impact of our changing climate? Wondering how to get through the hype to the facts? Kathleen Biggins, journalist and co-founder of C-Change Conversations, will address these questions at the annual meeting of the Friends of Princeton Open Space (FOPOS) on Sunday, April 23, at 3 pm at Mountain Lakes House, 57 Mountain Avenue, Princeton. Her talk, "What We Need to Know About Our Changing Climate," is a concise, nonpartisan, scientifically based presentation created to answer the five questions that the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication says are held by Americans across the political spectrum: How do we know it's real? How do we know it is us? What do scientists think? What are the dangers? And, is there hope we can address it?


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