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Attitudes In ReverseĀ® Offers Life-Saving Program for Businesses

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY (September 7, 2017) – Studies have shown that when employers who invest in their employees’ health, both the workers and the businesses benefit significantly. Employees gain improved health and quality of life, higher energy levels and greater morale. Their employers benefit with increased productivity and greater loyalty from their staff, as well as considerably reduced healthcare costs.


 “Good health – both physical and mental – contributes to individuals’ energy levels and, therefore, their ability to maximize their productivity in their jobs, as well as their personal lives. Knowing their employers support their good health further improves employees’ morale, job satisfaction and performance. These factors increase the likelihood of their long-term employment,” said AIR Co-Founder Kurt Baker, CFP®.


By having loyal, productive, healthy and happy employees, businesses save significant amounts of money through reduced absenteeism and presenteeism (being at work but not being productive because of physical and/or mental health issues); a lower need to hire new staff; and decreased healthcare costs, resulting from employees’ reduced risk of chronic diseases and improved control of chronic conditions. “Mental health disorders are chronic conditions and highly treatable, Baker said.”


A 2010 review of studies on the fiscal benefits of companies’ wellness programs, conducted by a Harvard University economist, revealed that for every dollar invested in employees’ wellness, the employers gained a $6 return on investment: $3 in healthcare savings and $3 in reduced absenteeism costs.


Mental health education is essential to help ensure that individuals with mental health issues seek care and gain all the benefits it offers. “With an understanding of the signs and symptoms, and that mental health disorders are real illnesses, employees will not be held back by stigma.


Plus, employees will be able to recognize if their children are struggling and be prepared to take proactive steps to help their children. This would also have the indirect benefit of reducing staff’s absenteeism and enhancing their focus on the job,” Baker said.


“When we had AIR present for one of our Lunch & Learn sessions, our attorneys and staff filled one of our largest conference rooms two times over. Thanks to AIR, we were better educated, emotionally moved and overwhelmingly impressed with the informative and passionate presentations,” said Ian S. Singer, Director of Marketing, Szaferman Lakind in Lawrenceville, NJ.


For more information about AIR’s Lunch and Learn Sessions and other programs, please call AIR at 609-945-3200.