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An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

I’m Tracy Martin, owner of Blue Lotus Kitchen and Bath. I believe you can get a design for your kitchen and bathroom that has function, flow, and style that reflects who you are and how you live.
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Wine and Cheese Anyone?

Wine and Cheese Anyone?

We love our wine – red, white, rose, blends, sparkling. New reports show that Americans are drinking more wine than ever.  Surprising? Not to us. Whether you are purchasing a bottle or a case, the only question becomes, where and how is it stored until you are able to enjoy it.

            The trend in kitchen design has been to install an under counter beverage system in your kitchen.  If your kitchen has the space, I highly recommend it.  For those who need more storage capabilities, the Subzero #427, houses plenty of wine, regulates temperatures and has superior presence. Experts say keep your red cool, light reds under (55 degrees), deep reds (59-66 degrees). Rose, Blush and dry whites (46-57degrees), sparkling and Champagne (43-47 degrees) and don’t forget to watch the humidity level and light levels.  On a side note, I once visited a winery on Long Island (who knew there were over 40!) and the owners said, “there are no wrong ways to drink wine. If YOU like your red cold, drink it cold. It’s your wine, drink it how you like it.”

            This spring, I encourage you to look at your wine and storage systems.  I’m creating fabulous niches in the smallest of spaces for wine.  With a Vintageview Wine Storage System, you can create a beautifully organized room with racks to display your carefully purchased selections. It’s a beautiful display in any room in your house. The racks either mount directly to the wall or to the ceiling and floor. They have racks that hold as few as 4 bottles up to 36 bottles. They also have racks that hold magnum bottles for those of us with large family gatherings. Combine multiple racks and make any empty wall your new wine storage.

            Our trend at Blue Lotus is taking that spare space in your home, which is rarely used (maybe it’s your exercise room), and we are transforming it into a wine room- a place to socialize and enjoy your time with family and friends! So, grab your plate of cheese and baguette and begin to appreciate your wine and time in a new space!

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