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An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

I’m Tracy Martin, owner of Blue Lotus Kitchen and Bath. I believe you can get a design for your kitchen and bathroom that has function, flow, and style that reflects who you are and how you live.
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Thinking of buying a house with a "fixer upper kitchen or bath"?

Thinking of buying a house with a

“Wow, this house is in the perfect neighborhood, love the layout, and it’s just what my family needs.  But… The kitchen and bath need updating….”  As you find that “perfect” house with those couple items that needs a little TLC to make it yours, there are some things that you need to consider before diving in.  While the obvious is, do I have the finances or the type of loan to make this happen, there are other things to consider as well.

The first things to look into are based on your contractor, so make sure you have a good one!  In an older home, sometimes the electric and plumbing needs to be updated.  This depends on the age and quality of the existing structures.  If you have cast iron or galvanized plumbing that is around 50 years of age, it probably needs to be replaced.  If you are looking at connecting old plumbing to new plumbing, this can have an impact on your bottom line.  Also, when updating a space, much of the old electric would not pass code these days, and could be quite a hazard.  Contingent upon the access for the wiring, this can also add up.  So make sure you know about these items when determining a budget, and even deciding if the renovation is possible for you.  Other safety issues include asbestos and lead paint, make sure you know if the house you’re looking at has these issues in order to plan properly for them.

The awesome part of renovating an old space is the charm and quality that already exists.  Are there hard wood floors that exist that could be refinished, and not only save you a lot of money, but provide an incredible appeal to your space?  Each and every home has a feel and style to it, which include existing distinctive fixtures, or tile, or millwork.  Think about the details that exist in the home that appeal to you and discuss with your designer how to incorporate these items into the new design.  What about keeping an existing sink and adding in a new faucet and mirror to update the space?  Or keeping the tiles and changing out the sink, toilet, and hardware for an update?  There are so many options to keep the feel of the space but update it at the same time.

Once you have the knowledge of what’s going on in the existing space, this will prepare you for the discussions on what exactly you want to do, the budget, and how to go about it.  Whatever decisions you make, consider all your options, have your mind open and make sure that you find the best partner to help you in the process.  That could be a local experienced designer, contractor, architect, or even use a designer as a project manager to help you can make the right decisions.


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