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An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

I’m Tracy Martin, owner of Blue Lotus Kitchen and Bath. I believe you can get a design for your kitchen and bathroom that has function, flow, and style that reflects who you are and how you live.
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Outside & Inside

Outside & Inside

 I love walking into a home that feels like an endless space, not because the house is large or stylized, I appreciate that the homeowner has taken the time to look out the window to create rooms that connect to the outside.  This is a concept that flows both ways: the outside can be brought inside.

You can bring outside, inside with texture, fabric & color.  What is your environment?  I am not suggesting creating any kind of theme.  Just because you live at the beach does not mean you need to overload with seashell décor.  I am only suggesting using your outdoor environment as inspiration for your inside décor.

Here are few ideas:

Stand at your front door if you can see through to the back yard of your home or out of any window, what do you see?  Can you see your back yard?  Do you see trees, skyline, fencing, or playground equipment?

Can you enhance the extended space?  Can you move something to enjoy more of your view?

If you see a skyline, do you have your windows heavily draped? If so you are missing its’ magnificence.  Open or remove those drapes: take it all in!!

Do you see lovely woods or gardens?  Have you thought about how your interior colors look with the colors outside?  Let it be seamless.

Do you live by a lake or ocean?  Have you considered using a color palette or accessories that are reminiscent of the place where you live?  What natural resources are present in your location?  What is their color and texture?  Think sand, stone, leaves, bark, grasses………how do the colors and textures relate?  This does not have to be rural setting; city dwellers or suburbanites can follow the same rules.

Take the time to look out of your windows and doors: you may find inspiration in the great outdoors.

Look up, Look out and then Look in!!




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