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An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

I’m Tracy Martin, owner of Blue Lotus Kitchen and Bath. I believe you can get a design for your kitchen and bathroom that has function, flow, and style that reflects who you are and how you live.
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Featured Products - Fairmont Baths & Vanities

I thought I would feature some of the products we are currently carrying at Blue Lotus Kitchen and Bath.


So, the first of these features is: Fairmont Baths and Vanities.  Fairmont is a company that has been around for twenty-five years.  I visited the website and explored the endless list of styles: “traditional to transitional, contemporary to rustic; sophisticated to casual” My favorites were Rustic Chic and Metropolitan in Gloss White.  The styles often come with coordinating storage, mirror and medicine cabinet options.


This is a company of convenience. If the endless possibilities of customization are intimidating, this type of product is for you.  The website is simple to navigate and features pictures of the styles and coordinating pieces. So easy!!


 Fairmont is committed to sustainability.  I read through the sustainability contract and principles and I thought it was quite interesting.  The following came from their website:


Product crafted from eco-friendly materials:

Our materials do not come from any rainforest timber or other endangered wood species. 

We at Fairmont Designs define success through our products, but we also measure our achievement through our sustainability actions and commitments. 


For further information check out the website:


Do some research on products. It’s a big world with lots of choices.  Is there something you are interested in?  Post a comment.  Maybe we can help steer you in the right direction.

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