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An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

An Inside Scoop on Kitchen and Baths

I’m Tracy Martin, owner of Blue Lotus Kitchen and Bath. I believe you can get a design for your kitchen and bathroom that has function, flow, and style that reflects who you are and how you live.
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Featured Product - ReVelle Countertops

 I am continuing to feature products we carry and recommend. I have to say I am enjoying the research.  It is amazing to me the types of products available and the extremely creative and industrious people who bring these products to life.  It’s like watching “Shark Tank” but I have to participate in a fun scavenger hunt first!


Countertops are such a large part of a bathroom or kitchen renovations they have become the symbol of status associated with “high end” kitchens.  They almost eclipse appliances as a “must have” for new homebuyers, i.e. must have granite.  There is no denying the impact of a beautiful natural stone, or the wow factor of a one of a kind concrete creation.  Many homeowners are completely at ease with the patina of natural stone or concrete.  However, others continually search for the most resistant type of product.


ReVelle countertops seem to be a fantastic solution.  They are stain resistent, heat resistant and come presealed with no resealing requirements.  They are a non-porous material that consists of stone, sand and metal.  Each piece is fabricated for your specific kitchen.  There is no cutting and very little waste.


The colors are very neutral and the website shows them in very rustic kitchen settings.  They look great in that setting but I would love to see them in contrast with a very contemporary style cabinet and faucet; it would look spectacular.  I also really like the idea of using it outside.  The products heat and stain resistant properties would be a fantastic option for an outdoor kitchen.


In today s world a green statement is important:


ReVelle Surfaces are not fabricated from slabs, but are created to exact size requirements, producing Virtually Zero Waste. We are committed to the protection of our environment from the manufacturing process right through to the installation of your handcrafted countertops.


 I also love the fact that this is an America made product.


Check out the website:


Be the first to use color 2SL!!!  I would love to see that in a bathroom!  LOVELY!

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Featured Product - ReVelle Countertops


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