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6 Tips for staying safe with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken over the world! Or at least that’s what it seems. Every kid and their mother.. literally.. is playing the virtual reality app. I’ll admit to hitting the pavement and walking around Princeton with my daughters to try and catch a Pokemon.

When I first saw screenshots of the app show up in Instagram feeds of Mrs. G TV & Appliance in Lawrenceville and then Savory Spice Shop in Princeton, I felt like I was missing something big here. I had just returned home from vacation in VT, a few days after the launch of the app, and felt like I had to play catch-up big time. Now that I’m playing actively, I’m seeing even more businesses in the Mercer County area showing Pokemon sitings on their territory.

But it’s more than just a way to increase foot-traffic, it’s actually becoming a great way for families to get out and get moving to explore the world (or town) around them. There are these things called Poke stops that you can visit that have items that you need - like free Poke balls! Where are these stops? Places like the Princeton Municipal Complex, the Battlefield Monument, the Einstein bust, Hoagie Haven, The Ivy Inn, the Forrestal Village fountains, and other heavily trafficked areas like Nassau Street.

There is a negative side to Pokemon Go, however. There have been news reports of people walking into traffic or worse, discovering dead bodies! You do have to be careful when operating the game, since it requires you to be out of the house and walking. Recently Stuart Country Day School put together a list of 6 things that parents should know when playing Pokemon Go. You’re not going to find hacks or cheats in this list; it’s a practical guide to keeping you and your kids safe. Click here to read and share.


Hilary Morris is the community manager for Princeton Online. Get a peek into her life as a marketer, NJ influencer, girls fashion blogger and mom of 3 girls at @mrsmonj

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