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Ten Tips to Clearer Skin

Keep your skin in the clear with these helpful tips

Treat your skin — moisturize
Moisturizing is very important Your skin is constantly being exposed to outside elements which can dry the skin
Avoid irritating the skin
Avoid over-washing and over-exfoliating
Tanning does not cure acne
Excessive sun exposure can damage the skin leading to future breakouts and even skin cancer
Don't pick or squeeze your acne
It can cause scarring and make your acne worse
Use the medicine your doctor has prescribed for you and you alone
Never use a friend's medication because each person's skin reacts differently and desired outcomes may differ
Maintain a daily regimen
Maintain a consistent daily regimen that includes a healthy diet and exercise Have a consistent cleaning routine to help maintain clear skin year round
Makeup rules
Use water-based products, not alcohol-based, and look for products marked "non-comedogenic" Don't sleep with your makeup on — let your skin breathe Don't share makeup with your friends — bacteria spreads
If your doctor prescribes medication for your acne, finish the entire treatment of prescribed medication
For a successful outcome complete the entire treatment per your doctor's instructions
Protect your skin with sunscreen
Wear at least SPF 30 every day, and throughout the year The sun is just as damaging throughout the year
Talk to your parents and, if they agree, talk to a dermatologist
Learn what treatment options may be right for you Make sure to ask specific questions related to your acne

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