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Soy Protein vs. Whey Protein

Animal proteins have been regarded as high protein diets by researchers and doctors world-wide. Recent studies have shown that excessive consumption of animal proteins lead to various diseases, such as pancreatic cancer and osteoporosis. Soy protein and whey protein can be beneficial to people who include a lot of proteins in their daily diet. But, there is an ongoing debate about which of the two is best. Read on to know more...

Proteins form an important ingredient of our daily diet. It is a basic building-block of tissues and helps the muscles to grow. The amino acids found in proteins are necessary for the development of the body. Athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen generally prefer high protein diet  for muscle building. Our body needs a limited amount of proteins and excess intake of it can actually be harmful.

Whey Protein
What is whey protein?  Whey protein is basically found in cow's milk, and is obtained from cheese. Curd is made by adding a mild acidic substance (vinegar or lemon juice) or any other rennet agent to milk. The liquid portion of the curd is called as whey. Also, curd is either cooked or kept in piles, and is later cut into pieces to obtain whey.

PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) is a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of a particular protein. Whey protein has the highest PDCAAS ranking (score of 1.14), amongst all known proteins. Whey proteins also have the highest biological value. BV (biological value) is another scale to judge the nutritional value of proteins. Whey proteins again lead this table, with a score of 104, leaving behind all other sources of proteins, such as eggs (100), wheat proteins (54), peanuts (68) and soy proteins (74).

Whey proteins have become a very important part of regular groceries, packaged foods stuffs and other eatables. Since they have a neutral flavor, they are easily added or mixed with other food products.

Health Benefits of Whey protein
Whey proteins (as a supplement) help bodybuilders to increase their muscle power. Intake of whey protein in proper amount can be beneficial in maintaining good health. Besides being effective for heavyweight trainers, whey protein is also useful for weight loss and for improving the digestive system . Whey proteins also strengthen the immune system and improves the general vitality of the body.

Soy Protein
What is soy protein? Soy beans are the single natural source of soy proteins. Researchers and dietitians have been exhaustively studying the benefits of soy proteins. Soy proteins are a boon to vegetarians, as they are an alternative for animal proteins. As I have mentioned before, the BV of soy protein is 74 whereas that of whey protein is 104, still soy proteins are beneficial to us.

Health Benefits of Soy Protein
According to researches, soy milk products are very useful for pregnant women. Soy milk products contain vitamin D, so it is helpful for people with limited exposure to sun or those who are allergic to sunlight, as 90% of vitamin D is obtained from exposure to sun.

Cholesterol levels have been found to be lower in people who include soy beans in their diets . Other cardiac-related problems have also been reported to be under control because of it. Cancer, obesity and diabetes can also be controlled to a large extent by soy proteins.

Soy proteins are especially effective for women with hormonal imbalances, and help in post-menopause problems. Infants and kids must be encouraged to eat soy beans as they help in the growth of the body. Vitamin B12, an ingredient of animal protein is abundantly found in soy beans so it's the best natural option for vegetarians.

Soy Protein or Whey Protein
The debate on the effectiveness of soy or whey protein, would never end. We have seen in the above paragraphs, that both are equally beneficial to our health. The choice rests in our hands regarding their inclusion in our diets. As per our needs and requirements, we can include both in our diets.

Care must be taken to avoid high intake of these proteins, as they may lead to constipation in many people. Researches are being carried out to discover more benefits of these proteins. So, if you haven't included soy or whey protein in your daily diets yet, it's the right time to start doing so and achieve good health.


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