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Princeton Online was born of an idea by Peter Gibson back in April 1995. AOL had taken the world by storm but it had no local information. It was a dream to provide that local flair to this community which is so rich in history, civic pride, and a hub of culture and activity for hundreds of thousands of people in Central New Jersey. Initially, we started by consolidating information from local non-profits for free. Over time our content grew, the words "internet" and "World Wide Web" became household terms, and the gradual shift from other media to the online world accelerated.

Over the last 14 plus years, our staff has grown and our company has transformed into a full service internet solution provider, providing hosting, design, advertising, print, branding and SEO services to 500 plus clients. We have a very strong presence in the non-profit community, providing our services at a reduced rate, yet our work within the business community also continues to grow.

Our advertising effectiveness is unparalleled. Princeton Online is the most visited advertising enabled website in our area. According to Alexa Traffic Profiles (an Company), we have more traffic and more links to our site than any of our competitors. Any business or non-profit considering online advertising needs to understand the effectiveness of the site: We not only send our advertising clients significant qualified traffic, but we also help them with the Google PageRank. Please e-mail us at to get more information.

Our design and maintenance capabilities are well documented. We offer our clients a local perspective and personalized service with affordable pricing and quick turnaround. Over the years, our hosting and design capabilities have expanded into database driven modules for calendaring, contact management, inventory, document sharing, shopping cart systems, secure web servers, and photo galleries. Our ability to provide e-mail marketing solutions through HTML newsletters and knowledge of the search engines further expands our product offerings.

The next exciting challenge is to take our flagship community portal and expand to other areas of the state and country. We have a fantastic product that allows anyone in any community the ability to provide targeted content and quality advertising options for their clients. If you have an interest, please e-mail us at .

Many thanks for visiting. Give us your feedback on our new look, help us understand what more you want us to be doing, and let your friends and family know about us!

With our appreciation,

Peter Gibson

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