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Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are indeed an integral part of any wedding. These are the words that truly let those in attendance know the couple has consummated their relationship with one another. Making it difficult for any couple to put in words the feeling they have for their soon-to-be spouse.

One would think that they must be blessed with literary skills, or should at least be an aspiring writer, to write their own vows. Neither of these is required. Remember the words wrote reflect personal feelings, and do not have to be complex. Wording for wedding vows are not supposed to be written with the intensity of writing an essay, nor is it meant to impress people. They are words that are intended to solidify love for each other.

When commencing wedding vows, it should be done the moment a wedding date has be decided on and planning has begun. This will allow for tweaking, editing, and additions to the script. It would also give ample time to rehearse it to a level of perfection.

Writing wedding vows are a joint effort. Pick a day of the week to discuss feelings for each other, with notebooks and pens on-hand to take notes. These notes can consist of the following: memorable moments shared together, dreams for the future, how he/she makes the sun shine, thoughtful things he/she done in the past, and promises of faithfulness.

Of course, there are those who would write their wedding vows based upon religious values. If this were the case, a included scriptural quote would work great. The Bible has a lot of verses pertaining to love and honor that are definitely worth adding.

After reading what each other has written, decide if the vows wrote will be read by both, or will separate vows be read. Whether you choose to make your words informal or formal, laced with religious values or cultural slant, remember to keep it short but sweet, tasteful and meaningful.

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