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Wedding Budget Tips

No matter how large or small a couples wedding budget might be, the following are a few wedding budget tips that will help a couple stay within budget and save money, but still have a beautiful wedding.

Do it Yourself

Whenever possible, a couple should recruit friends and family to help them with certain tasks. Brides, bridesmaids, maid of honor, and mothers can help with creating table centerpieces, wedding favors, calling vendors, making appointments, and decorating. If someone is a skilled baker, ask them to bake the wedding cake or treats for the wedding reception.

Limited Guests

Weddings are a joyous time and many couples find themselves stressing over whom to invite to the wedding as to not upset anyone. However, it is important to limit the number of guests. For everyone who attends the wedding, a meal and miscellaneous gifts will need to be provided. Start out with a master guests list and then begin weeding it down. Not inviting children, neighbors, past and present co-workers and employers, are some ways to weed down the guest list to a reasonable and affordable number.

Avoid Holidays and Popular Months

Many wedding vendors, hotels, churches, house of worship, and reception locations offer discounts for the “off season”. By having a wedding during the slow months, this also ensures the couple will be able to make reservations for the day they wish to have.


Honeymoons can be a fantastic and wonderful way for a couple to celebrate their wedding and new life as a married couple. Reservations should be made many months in advance and if possible, during off peak times. Look for bulk deals for flights and hotel accommodations. For popular places like Hawaii and Las Vegas, a couple can choose to get married and celebrate their honeymoon without ever having to leave to another destination.

Wedding Cakes

This is one of the wedding budget tips that often are overlooked. Everyone wants a wedding cake of their dreams, but a wedding cake can be very expensive. To cut back on costs, many couples will order one small wedding cake, decorated in full detail, and then have flat sheet cakes made in the same flavor as the wedding cake to feed their guests.

Wedding Bands

Keep the wedding bands simple and consider alternative metals. Many couples also choose to use the same jeweler as they did for their engagement rings. By doing this, the jeweler may offer discounts, or be more open to offering discounts for repeat customers.

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