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Top 10 items on the Registry

1. Casual Dinnerware - A good set of everyday tableware can tastefully carry you from breakfast and dinner to casual entertaining. Choose a style in cream or white that can be easily dressed up or down. A five-piece setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, soup/pasta bowl, a cup, and a saucer.

2. Casual Glassware - You'll use your wedding crystal for special occasions, for daily use you need informal glassware. Make sure you register for a wide range for your guests to choose from, such as wineglasses, water glasses, juice glasses, and tumblers.

3. 20 Piece Flatware Set - Even if you plan to register for silver, every home needs a set of flatware for everyday use. Register for a complete set of 20 pieces, or for four five-piece place settings. One five-piece place setting should include a dinner fork, a salad fork, a dinner knife, a soupspoon and a teaspoon.

4. Mixing Bowls - A quality set of glass bowls ensures you have a variety of sizes to meet your needs, and can double as pretty serving bowls as well. Worried you won't have room in your new kitchen for a collection? Register for a set that nests for easy storage.

5. Mixer - Commercial-quality stand mixers are available to the masses, featuring a wide range of speeds and industrial-size bowls. A high-quality stand mixer can last you for 20 years or more, but if you don't foresee much mixing over the next two decades, hand-held models are powerful and easy to use.

6. Cookware - You can cover most of your cooking needs with a couple of fry pans (8" and 10" are good choices); a covered saucepan; a covered sauté pan; a covered chef's pan; and a covered stockpot. Non-stick surfaces make cleanup a breeze, while stainless steel is perfect for browning and searing.

7. Toaster Oven - a toaster oven goes beyond toasting bread to bake, reheat, defrost, and even roast food. Unlike a microwave, a toaster oven browns your cuisine to a golden crisp and bakes evenly. Modern convection toaster ovens cut back on cooking time, and can even come outfitted with a dehydration timer. A variety of sizes and styles make it easy to find a model that fits your décor - and still makes a mean piece of toast.

8. Blender - No kitchen is complete without a blender for whipping up smoothies, mixing drinks when you entertain, and swirling up milkshakes. A good blender has multiple speeds, comes in dazzling stainless steel or chrome, and features a heavy, glass pitcher that frosts to perfection. Register for a top-of-the-line blender, and you could be mixing and crushing in style for decades.

9. Cutlery - Every kitchen demands a good set of cutlery, but many people cringe at the cost, not realizing that a quality set of knives is designed to last a lifetime. Sets can run from a three-piece starter, to a 22-piece master set that guarantees you can pare, bone, and carve in style for decades to come. Keep an eye out for high-carbon steel blades that stay shiny and sharp, and well-balanced handles for perfect control in the kitchen.

10. Wine Glasses - A high-quality set of casual stems will allow you to enjoy your favorite wine in an elegant glass designed to complement every last drop - and keep you from sipping Merlot out of a water glass. Having a classic set of wineglasses on hand for everyday use and casual entertaining is smart and beautiful.

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