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The Right Reception

The Right Reception is all about making your wedding reception fit your personal taste and style! How do you do that? First, you need to analyze your guest list. Are they dancers, drinkers, eaters… Do they like to mingle or sit still? Is it a traditional crowd or a fun crowd? Are they a young party crowd or older more mature crowd? All of these factors are very important when considering what type of reception is perfect for you and your guests.

The Sit Down Dinner

A sit down dinner reception and dancing is the most common type of wedding reception. This is great for the traditional bride who wants to observe all of the formalities. However there is another sit down dinner option that is gaining popularity. Instead of combining dinner with dancing, make dinner a separate more intimate affair! This way guests have time to converse with friends and family and enjoy the dinners you paid so handsomely for. By having your meal in a smaller room or separate area you can create a warm, romantic setting, perhaps with a string quartet playing softly throughout the meal. This is also a great time to do toasts and get all of the formalities out of the way, all while your guests are eating. This option also eliminates that huge gap between your guests called the dance floor! After dinner, guests can proceed into another area for dancing and decadent dessert buffet! It’s a great way to split up the evening and enjoy every moment! It’s the perfect fit for a bride who is looking for an intimate wedding and who wants to observe all of the traditions but prefers to get them out of the way early on in the evening with out slowing down the event.

The Cocktail Reception

If you’re a non-traditional Bride, a Cocktail Reception may be the perfect fit for you. This is a hot new trend for couples young and old who love spending time with friends and family and want to enjoy every second of it! You can’t wait to get your hands on those to die for hors d’oeuvres and don’t forget about getting a good cocktail or two…or three! If this sounds like your friends and family then do your self a favor and skip the formal sit down dinner. A Cocktail Reception is basically an all night cocktail hour featuring artistic and unique food displays, passed hors d’oeuvres and buffet stations! It’s the perfect solution for a fun loving couple and crowd that love to mingle. It’s also great for friends and family that don’t get to see each other often, no assigned seating and dancing and eating at will!

Wedding Brunch

If you’re a low key Bride and dancing is not on the top of your agenda then perhaps a simple and elegant Wedding Day Brunch is the perfect reception for you. This option is great for Brides that are having a morning ceremony. It eliminates a gap between ceremony and reception and also works great for Brides that are looking to have an outdoor affair. Your guest can enjoy a lovely brunch and drink mimosas’ on a sunny afternoon with an instrumental band playing softly in the background. This type of event also pairs well with a beautiful landscape and perhaps some family activities such as a canoe ride on the lake or a game of croquet!

The After Party

If your feeling some pressure to have a traditional wedding but still want to party, “all night long,” it can be done! The After Party is the perfect solution for Brides on the fence. You can have all of the elements of a traditional wedding and once that’s out of the way, the young and the restless can party on at the after party. The After Party often takes place at the same location but in a smaller room or area. It can feature super sleek cocktails, midnight snacks and a hip DJ playing the your favorite tunes!

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