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Getting Your Hair Ready For The Big Day

(NAPSI)-On their wedding day, women want everything to be perfect, from their shoes to the flowers--but also, just as important, their hair. After all, most brides-to-be would trade a year of bad hair days for a good one on that special day, when all eyes are on them.

Great hair begins months before the big day, according to Ernie McCraw, director of professional beauty education for Sally Beauty Supply. Having a good hair day isn't just luck. You have to get your hair in shape just like you would your body.

Start with your stylist. Schedule a consultation and take along your headpiece or any hair accessories you have selected to go with your dress, as well as pictures of the hairstyle you have in mind. The stylist can tell you what's possible and, more important, what isn't possible, and help create a style that works best for you. Keep an open mind. You want a style that reflects your personality and works with the setting.

Your stylist can also assess the condition of your hair and recommend treatments to improve your hair before the wedding. Healthy hair is just going to look better and style better. Moisture is key. Too little and your hair is brittle, dull and breaks easily. Too much and your hair can look oily, stringy and won't hold a style. It is important to find products that suit your hair type, but there are a few items that every bride-to-be should have on hand: clarifying shampoo, daily conditioner and leave-in detangler.

A clarifying shampoo will remove residue from styling products that can weigh down your hair. Ion Purifying Shampoo, for example, also helps to eliminate mineral deposits that can even affect the color of your hair. A daily conditioner will instantly condition the hair without leaving hair heavy. A detangler will make it easier to comb through by reducing friction and preventing breakage.

Keep in mind, if you want to add color or highlights to your hair, schedule it at least two weeks in advance of the wedding. To keep the color looking vibrant, replace your normal shampoo and conditioner with something specifically formulated for color-treated hair. Ion Color Defense has a complete line to help extend and protect hair color.

Planning things out with your stylist can help ensure great hair on your wedding day.

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