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Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement and wedding ring can be the easiest part of beginning marriage plans.

Since marriage is the coupling of two people, searching for the right rings should also be as a couple. The man wants to please the woman and in almost all cases the woman accepts and loves the ring presented to her-even if it is not the style she might have hoped for.

Shop together, discuss the shape of the diamond. Determine if a solitaire is desired or a ring with side stones. The metal used is another important factor-white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Now, before making your decision think ahead about how the wedding band will fit next to the engagement ring. In many cases you can purchase a matching set which will fit perfectly.

Make sure you shop at a reputable jewelry store and seek the advise of their experts. Your purchase is a lifetime investment and should give a lifetime of happiness and enjoyment!

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