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Princeton, NJ Local Government Articles

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Princeton Public Meetings Schedule

Board of Education 4th Tues. 8:00pm 25 Valley Rd.
Borough Council 2nd & 4th Tues. 8:00pm Borough Hall
Township Committee 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mon. 7:30pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Affordable Housing Board 3rd Thurs. 6:30pm Borough Hall
Board of Health once-early Jan. 8:00pm Borough Hall
Construction Board of Appeals as necessary   Borough Hall
Historic Preservation Review Committee 1st Wed. 7:30pm Borough Hall
Housing Authority 2nd Wed. 5:00pm Borough Hall
Local Assistance Board 1st Mon. 4:30pm Borough Hall
Public Safety Committee 2nd Mon. 5:30pm Borough Hall
Recombinant DNA as necessary    
Rent Registration Board monthly 5:15pm Borough Hall
Shade Tree Commission 2nd Tues. 5:00pm Borough Hall
Traffic and Transportation Committee 4th Wed. 8:00pm Borough Hall
Zoning Board of Adjustment 4th Wed. 8:00pm Borough Hall
Board of Health once in late Jan.   Borough Hall
Board of Improvement Assessors as necessary   Valley Rd. Bldg.
Committee on Flood Control as necessary   Valley Rd. Bldg.
Historic Preservation Commission 1st Mon. 4:00pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Housing Board 2nd & 4th Tues. 5:30pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Local Assistance Board 2nd Mon. 4:00pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Shade Tree Commission 1st & 3rd Thurs 5:00pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Sidewalk and Bikeway Advisory Commission 3rd Wed. 7:30pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Traffic Safety Commission as necessary   Valley Rd. Bldg.
Zoning Board of Adjustment 4th Wed. 8:00pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Intergovernmental Coord. Committee for Drug Abuse Prevention 2nd Thurs. 11:45am Valley Rd. Bldg.
Joint Commission on Aging 4th Mon. 5:00pm Borough Hall
Joint Commission on Civil Rights 3rd Tues. 8:00pm Borough Hall
Joint Fire Commission as necessary   Borough Hall
Joint Recreation Board 4th Tues. 8:00pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Library Board of Trustees 3rd Wed. 5:30pm Library
Princeton Environmental Commission Third Wed. 7:30pm& Valley Rd. Bldg.
Princeton Regional Health Commission 4th Mon. 8:00pm Borough Hall
Princeton Regional Planning Board 1st Tues., &3rd Thurs. 7:30pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
Princeton Sewer Operating Committee 2nd Thurs. 9:00am alternates Borough Hall& Valley Rd. Bldg.
Site Plan Review Advisory Board 2nd Wed. 7:30pm Valley Rd. Bldg.
*Stony Brook Regional Sewerage Authority 4th Tues. 8:00pm SBRSA Operations Bldg. River Rd.
**Sludge Cake Incineration Citizens Oversight Committee last Thurs. 7:30pm SBRSA Operations Bldg. River Rd.
* A joint municipal committee serving the boroughs of Hopewell, Pennington, and Princeton, and the townships of Hopewell, Princeton, South Brunswick and West Windsor. ** Includes representatives from West Windsor and South Brunswick. These are the scheduled times and locations for public meetings. Check local newspapers or call agency for changes.

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