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Faster Turn-Around Times and Low-Odor Paints Make Winter Painting a Breeze

People who schedule their home-improvement projects during the pre-holiday and holiday season are likely to find faster turn-around times, at least in the painting business. 
"Customers often have the idea that painters are too busy during the holidays to call us," says Jonathan Shenk, owner and President of Greenleaf Painters, LLC, in Lawrenceville. "The reverse is actually true. We are actually just completing the outdoor painting season, leaving us time to take on new indoor work." 
Low-chemical paints are now so low-odor, painting during the cooler seasons is a no-brainer. No longer do you have to spend a day with the windows open during or after your painting work is complete. Low-VOC—low-chemical paints—leave very little if any odor behind. 
"Paints that were once reserved for painting nurseries, or in homes where a customer had asthma or chemical sensitivities, are now mass-market," says Shenk. Greenleaf was founded on the idea that "green" paints were the wave of the future. Shenk advocates using low-VOC or even no-VOC paints for all indoor painting projects. 
"So-called 'green' paints are just as high-quality as so-called non-toxic latex paints that off-gass chemicals into your home. For indoor projects, low-VOC's perform just as well as traditional painting options. Because they are now competitively priced, there is no reason not to use them," Shenk says. 
VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, such as formaldehyde, that is off-gassed when applied and is the source of the smell of traditional paints. 
Ryan Munn
Greenleaf Painters LLC 
Lawrenceville, NJ 
(o) 609.750.0030 


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