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Give Your Home some Pizzazz in the New Year with Low-Odor Environmentally-Friendly Painting

The dark days of winter are an opportune time to bring color to your life by refreshing your walls with new paint. In the past, painting season began in spring, when the weather was warm enough to open your windows so that you did not fumigate yourself with the chemical smell. However environmentally-friendly paints change all of that. Because they carry little to none of the chemicals in traditional latex paint, there is little to no odor during painting. “Green” paints make painting a year-round activity.

“Green paints are growing in popularity, as the professional lines of paint such as Benjamin Moore have created top-grade products that rival traditional products in both performance and price,” says Jonathan Shenk, owner of Greenleaf Painters in Lawrenceville.  “And people find that it’s not only good for the earth—it’s also better for them. There is no unpleasant odor or chemical off-gassing associated with these paints. People with asthma or small children or simply an interest in living chemical-free will not think twice before choosing ‘green’ paints.”

Jonathan Shenk formed his company, formerly Holy Roller Painting, when green paints were just coming on the market. At the time, customers had to pay more for green paints. Even so, many of his customers chose that option because it was better for the environment and their personal health.

“While traditional latex paint is marketed as non-toxic,” Shenk says, “it still contains odor-causing VOC’s. ‘Green paints’ have little or no VOC’s.” Volatile Organic Compounds are carbon-based chemicals found in traditional paint products that are released during the painting process. VOC’s are responsible for the chemical odor typically associated with painting.

As the popularity of ‘green’ living has grown, traditional paint companies have developed competing lines of environmentally friendly paints, which has brought down the costs and improved the quality. “Now, there is a nominal difference between green and traditional painting. Most of our customers choose the green option,” says Shenk. “And there is no limit on color options just because you want to go ‘green’.”

Ready for some more pizzazz in your home? Greenleaf offers free color consulting as part of any contract.


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