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Feng Shui Rules for Your Home

Feng Shui Rules

When you are aware of traditional Feng Shui rules, you will pay more attention on what is surrounding your home, as well as what it is in your home. Based on that, you can pick up a good, beneficial location for your home and create a balanced place to live.

Feng Shui, defined as “the mindful art of placement” is not ‘just a new trend’. Not at all! It has been around for thousands and thousands of years. Meaning "wind-water", the origin of this term is from an ancient Chinese proverb that describes “the best place to live”.

Time proved that these principles are really working, and worth to be used. Then, what would be a good place to live?

Good Locations Based On Traditional Feng Shui Rules

  • Probably one of the best places to have your home are close to a forest, lake, pond or bay; places with rich vegetation, ideally countryside, or small organic vegetable gardens
  • If you must live in a city, then choose a place close to parks, gardens, art centers, colleges or universities, healing, holistic clinics or spiritual centers; more or less, anything that is inspiring, creative and peaceful
  • Research and choose a good community that will resonate with your aspirations


Traditional Feng Shui Rules For Inside Your Home:

  • Keep your place clean and de-cluttered. This is a must, to avoid stagnant , negative energy
  • Try to get plenty of fresh air and natural light; they are creating beneficial energy, especially in your Feng Shui bedroom
  • Bring living things, such as plants and pets. Avoid to keep dying or dry plants or animals (fur, insects, deer antlers)
  • Bring all Feng Shui elements in your home: metal, earth, water, fire and wood
  • Use color, one of the easiest ways to shift the energy in your space
  • Why not give a try to a free Feng Shui Software? It may help you achieve great results, as soon as you get familiar using it
  • If you are a Feng Shui Beginner, don’t hesitate to hire an expert. Despite the general belief, the rates can be affordable. For great results, you have to have a clear understanding on what you have to do and apply correctly the Feng Shui principles in.


Locations To Avoid

  • Locations near any violence/ death related or dealing with; facilities such as prisons, police stations, hospitals, cemetery or funeral home, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, etc. In the same category are any junk deposits (trash, car junk yards, electronic junk yards)
  • Power plants, dams, cell phone towers – they are not only bad Feng Shui, creating negative energy, but it is known that people living near them, especially children, have serious health complains
  • Intersections, street corners, the end of a bridge – this are places considered to create poisonous arrows, triggering loss and poor health
  • Any natural sharp or dangerous place: on a cliff, close to a powerful stream, in a place with continuous wind, etc


Don’t underestimate the power of traditional Feng Shui rules: these rules may work wonders! However, it is important to remember that what is working for an individual, might not work at all for another. It is a very complex combination of factors that are working together, to determine the individual, final result.

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