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Effective Communication: The Key to Building Success

If there's one thing you can do to help ensure a successful and satisfying homebuilding experience, it is to maintain regular and productive communication with your builder and his staff. Effective communication is a key to reducing concerns and alleviating stress before, during and after the building process. Work with your builder to keep the lines of communication open at all times. We at Dickson Development consider communication with our clients an essential component of the service we provide.

But what if you are early in the process, trying to select the right builder for your new home?

This is an ideal time to explore your level of comfort with your builder's communication style. These early communications often reflect how your builder will communicate to you during construction and after closing. In addition, builders who are effective communicators will encourage your input and provide satisfactory and prompt answers to your questions.

As you reach a purchasing decision, make sure you understand how you and your builder will discuss the project and its progress. Many builders encourage periodic walk-throughs of the house at critical stages of construction. These 'guided tours' of your home in progress can take place during structural framing, electrical and plumbing rough-in, or after drywall. In addition, find out about opportunities to conduct informal meetings or use other communication channels (such as phone calls or e-mails), and ask how quickly you can expect a response from your builder when you have a concern.

You should also talk through a detailed scope of work with your builder, which outlines the construction process along a timeline or schedule. Use the scope of work as a guide to formulate questions about the construction of your new home and gain a better understanding of the building process. The construction schedule will also establish deadlines for key selection decisions you must make, such as paint colors, lighting and plumbing fixtures and flooring materials.

An essential part of the owner-builder communication process is the change order, which is the procedure established by a builder for making changes after construction begins. Few projects are completed without some changes along the way. Familiarize yourself with this process before construction begins. In addition, learn the details of your builder's warranty and service program.

We at Dickson Development have a plan in place for communicating effectively with our clients before, during and after construction. These lines of communication have been developed over years and used repeatedly with our home building clients. We encourage our clients to take appropriate opportunities to express their needs and address their situation, preferences, and comfort level. Good communication is one component of a successful building experience.

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