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Virtual House Tour

People are becoming more savvy and global with the use of the web. For many years now, you can surf the net and tour a home on-line and make a purchase, if you like. I would say that’s huge progress.

Yet, when it comes to our own homes, we sometimes fall short of the mark.

Have you ever taken a “virtual in-person tour” of your own home?

Go ahead, go out the front door and walk in pretending that you are seeing this home for the first time. What do you see?

  • Is the house clean and tidy? Is the paint fresh? How about the floor coverings? What does the carpet look like? Matted dog or soft plush style?
  • Does this home speak of who the inhabitants are? Is there organization? Is the wallpaper fresh or is it tired and ripped at the corners? How about the kitchen, one of the most important rooms? Are there enough cabinets, up-to-date color schemes? Now, go on to the bathrooms.
  • What do you see here? Are there remnants of 1970’s avocado green tile with gold trim?
  • What about the style in each room? Is it still early college or have you graduated to your own style? What is this style I see? Why, it looks like Aunt Alice’s chair, which needs reupholstering combined with Parson’s end tables and old family art that is too small for the large walls. There is an area rug that also is too small, the couch is sagging in the middle from the kids jumping on it and let’s not forget the dog hairs.

Is this your lifestyle, you ask? As you continue this “tour of your own home”, do you feel the need for a change?

So many questions arise, as you take this tour of your home. And yes, this is what everyone see’s when they come to your home. Maybe that’s why you’re not reciprocating on social events with friends.

Did you know that a professional interior designer can help guide you through this awful phase of deciphering who you are now that you are married have 2.4 children, a dog, a job and a lawn?

A good designer will listen to your needs and help develop a plan that will make sense to you and can help you implement it over a period of time.

A good designer can make your home a place that you can be proud to bring your friends and family.

A good designer can make your home a safe special place to relax and enjoy your life together with your family.

And, a good designer can make this a fun project for you. This doesn’t have to be a process you will dread.

Go on now, step out the front door and go to your car and go directly to Saums Interiors in Hopewell. They have a great showroom with all sorts of elements for the home but most importantly they have the best staff that will help guide you to reclaiming your home as your Castle!

Written by:
Eileen Saums McCandlish
Chief Visionary Officer of Saums Interiors,Inc.

Allied A.S.I.D.
Associate IDS

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