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Finding Balance During the Holidays

The holidays are among us and this can cause a variety of feelings.
Feelings may range from joy, sadness, anxiety or a term we are all
familiar with “stress”.
Stress is both a physical and emotional response that results from an
increase in tension or worry about something that is seen as dangerous,
unknown or disturbing in some way.
Stress affects your mind, emotions and body. It can make it harder to
think and concentrate. Stress can make it hard to control your temper or
you may cry more easily then usual. It can affect your body, making it
hard to sleep even when tired. It can wreck havoc on you digestion
causing appetite changes.  Sometimes stress will make the heart beat
faster, or cause you to feel short of breath.

In order to “de-stress” our lives we first need to recognize that
our lives may be off balance. We need to check in with how we are
feeling physically, mentally and emotional. But, we need to take a
moment to pause.
So step 1): Every morning upon waking set an intention to check in with
yourself throughout the day. Simply take a moment and notice where your
breathe is.  Are you breathing quickly and from your chest?  If you are,
slow down your breath. A very nice effective exercise is:     Slow down
your breathe by breathing in to a count of four and out to count of six
for three full breaths. Allow your breath to be slow and full.

2). Think about your thinking.  Our thoughts impact how we feel about
situations and how we act in situations.  So if you are have a strong
reaction to a situation, take time to look for the evidence that
supports the upsetting thought and explore other ways the situation can
be perceived.

3). Take time to eat nourishing foods and make time for physical

If you are finding that it is impossible to find balance in your life,
and your stress feels like it is out of control, it may be advisable to
seek professional help.  Hunterdon Behavioral Health has a full
continuum of care. Talking to a therapist can help you put things into
perspective. You may feel more comfortable talking one on one to someone
or join a group facilitated by one of licensed psychotherapist.

For more information on Hunterdon Behavioral Health call 908-788-6401
or toll free at 1-866-424-2060.

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