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Hiking and Biking in Princeton
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Northern Stony Brook Greenway (McBurney Woods)

The 375-acre Northern Stony Brook Greenway Preserve is owned by D&R Greenway Land Trust and it is an important link in a chain of forested parcels that stretches for 60 miles along the ridge of Sourland Mountain. PICNIC ROCK LOOP: Long sections of this trail wind through high-quality forest with mature trees and a decent understory. This is an excellent birding spot during migrations. It has gorgeous fall color. The trail parallels several sections of old stone walls and has a particularly pretty section along the Stony Brook tributary. DOUBLE CROSSING LOOP: This trail gets its name because it crosses the Stony Brook two times along its route. The double stream crossing is a fun part of the loop, and you’ll find yourself saying, “It doesn’t get any prettier than this” as you hike along the Stony Brook.

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