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Bits of Wisdom

Parenting Tips:

    • Stop your child from "squeezing" the juice out of their juice box. Fold up the "wings" on either side of the box. Tell your child to hold the "wings" when they sip through the straw.


    • Make bookmarks out of old pictures. Glue them to a piece of poster board cut into the shape of a bookmark.(1-1/2"x6") Place contact paper over both sides. Put a hold punch in the top and knot a piece of ribbon through the hole.


    • Use cotton squares to clean your newborn baby's bottom for the first month or so. Wipes are usually too harsh on baby's new skin. Keep a water bottle on the changing table. Wet a few cotton squares at each changing and dispose of them into the dirty diaper.


    • Keep a basket in your kitchen or someplace handy for you but out of your children's sight. Fill the basket with trinkets e.g. prizes from Happy Meals, gifts in birthday bags, stickers etc. When you are on the phone, going for a long ride in the car or to a doctor's office, pull out a couple items to entertain your child. Not only does it save you from additional clutter around the house, but your child will actually enjoy playing with something "new."

    • Always keep emergency diaper bag items in the trunk of each family vehicle. e.g. diapers, wipes, undershirt, old outfit.


    • Take your infant everywhere you need to go and they will get used to going out.


    • Prepare a restaurant bag with items that can entertain your child while they wait for their meal. e.g. crayons, paper, small figures, sunglasses, a mini photo album, books, package of crackers.


    • Take a picture of your new baby each month for their baby book.


    • Keep a list of important phone numbers by each phone, in the diaper bag and in your wallet.(e.g. pediatrician, work, grandparents, neighbor, police, fire, poison control).


    • Before changing a boy's diaper, cover him with a cloth diaper while you remove the old diaper and put on a clean one. This will help to avoid any little accidents.


    • Cover the baby with a cloth diaper before placing him in the tub. Start the bath by pouring warm water over the cloth diaper. He will stay warmer and hopefully happier.