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"Adult Dance Classes: Rediscovering the Dancer Within"

When we think of dance and dancing, most people automatically think of young girls in tulle and ballet slippers or teens in ripped falling jeans hip hopping in a club. Indeed, dance is an activity not limited to the youth. Dance classes attract the passions of adult singles, new moms, homemakers, grandmothers, empty nesters, dance veterans, and professionals from every field. Dance is primal and universal, a language expressed by the body when words simply fail.

At Princeton Dance and Theater Studio it is evident that dance embraces every age and anyone at different stages in life. The diversity of dance classes offered for men and women at all levels in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Middle Eastern Dance and Salsa reflect what adult students would like to keep doing, wish to do again, or simply enjoy doing at the present time.

In ballet classes, adult students can experience moving to music from the great classical ballets of Swan Lake, Nutcracker, and Romeo and Juliet while building lean muscle tone. Middle Eastern dance classes offer a unique opportunity to explore and discover one's sensuality and femininity, while strengthening and skillfully isolating the abdomen and pelvis. Salsa dancing and Latin workouts focus on exciting and daring dance moves to hot Latin rhythms which are guaranteed to spice up one's mood. The energetic classes of jazz and hip hop offer the more experienced dancing adult a great cardio workout while they perfect more complicated dance moves.

Taking dance classes can be seen as a healthy and creative fountain of youth for many adults. The benefits are the same as for the young. In addition to creativity, expressiveness, and musicality, dance also affects physical coordination and the coordination between the brain and body. Multi-tasking is always necessary while dancing as there are several things to think about at any given time. This type of mental activity helps keep the mind sharp as the body ages.

Dance for adults at PDT Studio embraces all dance levels in a creative and supportive environment. The mixture of classes allows current professional and former dancers to mingle and move with college students, homemakers, lawyers, and computer programmers. Each student is empowered to do one's personal best. Indeed, in these dance classes, people of different generations and professions can share a common passion and interest. Whatever the style, taking a dance class inspires the adult to move with physicality, rhythm and grace. It is an ongoing education: a chance to further strengths and improve on weaknesses. Physical inhibitions are liberated, cravings for exciting movement are satisfied and dreams to simply express oneself, if even for a few minutes, are fulfilled.

Princeton Dance and Theater Studio, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Susan Jaffe and Risa Kaplowitz. Its mission is to provide their students with the opportunity to receive the highest quality dance and theater training available while educating and enriching the community.

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